i saw him take a turn,

i called to mind, all the lessons he made me learn.

he was so close to me, yet so far,

with his wrinkled smile, and his perfect scar.

holding on, and letting go,

there was a wrapped feeling, i wanted him to know.

he’ll return, but he’ll be an year old.

murdering my childhood, my days of gold.

i remember, i stood there and cried.

with my love and my dreams denied.

maybe the tears were of joy,

the bliss i saw ahead of me, no one can destroy

i had queries, i had doubts,

i had questions, and what abouts.

to know my retorts, i was keen

but soon, it was 6:15

he said, he got to leave

and in my dreams i need to believe.

in a twinkle it was dark,

and i just saw his arc,

he left me with an abrupt end,that’s how i lost a trusted friend.



“have i gone mad? did i cross the bar?”

“no my dear alice, you know, all the best people are.”

“where is my fault? what did i do wrong?

is it with you, or in my dreamland i belong?”

“you have 2 worlds, its the greatest grace of life,

2 worlds of wisdom, 2 chances to be alive.”

“well, once when i was little, and i entered the hole,

anxious and started i was, from the darkness as of coal.

i felt someone held my hand,

assisted me to stand.

he handed me a letter,

“take care of yourself, -love hatter.”

i saw him wearing a hat,

he was followed by his cat.

then i saw a storm,

unaware, from where it outset-ted from.

i ran towards the donjon of the queen,

to see him again i was keen.

wise, was the queen of heart,

offered me a life, from its start.

one day, a guest entered a room,

and i recognized his perfume.

i saw him wearing a hat,

and he was followed by his cat.

his eyes saw a trail of tear,

i sensed his fear.

he shouted, “attack”

as i took a step back.

he pulled me closer and said, “i have always loved you,

but this is something i had to do.”

i felt a stab in my chest,

my other world ended at its best.”

“have i gone mad? did i cross the bar?”

“no my dear hatter, you know, all the best people are.”

_ by ayushi gaur

Hello world!

its a huge world,with millions of people in it. I am just one, tiny little person, with a dream. with a dream to write, write my heart out. i have this fantasy world of my own…. hiding at a very small corner in my heart, its very different from the real world, its something we all dream about. And all i want to do is to award this word, my world. all my dreams, my thoughts, my stories, my little fantasy life to the real life.

Dig the deepest in your heart and you’ll find happiness in the darkest corners. 😀