‘you’ll get over him’ she said.                                                                                                               ‘in a lifetime’ i replied.

i remember, how much she believed in us. i remember the ceasless tries she made to make me believe that he might be in love with me too. but i was scared, even though i believed her. well i waned to believe her. what stopped me, was the truth, the reality, which she was totally unaware of.

‘reality?’                                                                                                                                                ‘hmm.. well, for now, look at the sun. the sun is kissing the horizon and its rays drowning out what’s left of daylight,it makes you forget about all the pain you’ve been bottling inside. because in the moment.. your eyes have lost its ability to think, your lungs have forgotten how to breathe, and you realize that the world is much bigger than any heartache you feel. the sun sets an hour later now and i try to catch it all the time. i keep hoping he might come back and watch it with me.’

‘well, back to that day.. did u say? that you were in love with him?’                                                    “yeah! practically yes” i said.                                                                                                              ‘and what did you say?’

i didn’t want to fall in love with you” i said.                                                                                           he took a step closer. “if it makes you feel any better, you put up a very impressive fight.”

day: 89


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