i saw him take a turn,

i called to mind, all the lessons he made me learn.

he was so close to me, yet so far,

with his wrinkled smile, and his perfect scar.

holding on, and letting go,

there was a wrapped feeling, i wanted him to know.

he’ll return, but he’ll be an year old.

murdering my childhood, my days of gold.

i remember, i stood there and cried.

with my love and my dreams denied.

maybe the tears were of joy,

the bliss i saw ahead of me, no one can destroy

i had queries, i had doubts,

i had questions, and what abouts.

to know my retorts, i was keen

but soon, it was 6:15

he said, he got to leave

and in my dreams i need to believe.

in a twinkle it was dark,

and i just saw his arc,

he left me with an abrupt end,that’s how i lost a trusted friend.


10 thoughts on ““THE LAST SUNSET”

  1. Bitter endings… I tend to think that when it comes to relationships, meaning friends or more, it is really difficult to finish them in good terms…
    Best wishes and thanks for sharing this great post. Aquileana ⭐

    Liked by 1 person

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